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Web Designing

Having an excellently designed site is like an asset for a company, because it reflects the Company’s position and credibility. At present there are thousands of web design companies in this world. We won’t be shocked, if you say that your next door neighbor and friend is also a web designer.

When it comes to designing a website we listen to what our clients need first. Some might have corporate colors that they'd like to stick to. Some might have already introduced themselves into the markets using a particular branding style designed by another company and would like the website to blend in with the same branding style. We're flexible either way.

Our web designing expertise doesn't just stop there. We also Maintain and Support websites, whether designed by us for by someone else. The Maintenance and Support is a service is offered in 4 different packages:

  1. 3-months Package
  2. 6-months Package
  3. 9-months Package
  4. 12-months Package (referred to as Annual Maintenance Contract)

Alternavely, we also offer Training for Web Designing, Web Maintenance and even Joomla (CMS). This is ideal for companies with websites in place but cannot afford any of the maintenance packages and would like to maintain their own website. Their stuff would be trained effectively and by the time they finish the training they'd be able to accomplish what they had been assigned for.

What You Need To Have a Website Done

WiseNET® has everything in hand for our clients. Therefore, as a client, all you'd have to do is have faith in us and we won't let you down. The following would help us prepare your website:

  • Domain Registration of your choice for both local and international domain
  • Hosting Solution for the website
  • Web Designing
  • Web Maintenance (if needed)
Please, have all your content ready before approaching us for a web designing. In case you need assistance in helping you fetch the rest of the content we'd charge you extra for the service.

Our web design may include PHP Scripts, Flash Animations, DHTML Scripts, JavaScript, MySQL and more. It all depends upon the client's choice of Theme. See portfolio for Web Design samples.

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