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Online Mart

Features of Online Shops:

  • Product List - Shows the details of the products with the price
  • Cart - Add the items and manipulate the same
  • Order form - Getting the confirmation of the order, Billing and Shipping details
  • Checkout - Placing the order
  • Payment Gateway - Making the payment using the VISA/Master Card.
  • Digital Receipts - Automatically generated by the system with the Transaction ID.

Product Features:

  • Various types of Products can be listed
  • The seller will provide all the details of the product with the option of photos

Buyer Features:

  • An exclusive advanced search
  • Has to register with his/her email ID and the details of the regular alert about the Product and other promotional activities.

Seller Features:

  • Has to provide the features, specifications, price, photos etc about the Product
  • The contact information
  • We can provide the option to the seller to know the number of interests shown to his Product with the buyer details (email)




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