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Network Solutions

Computer network design and maintenance is often the most overlooked area of a business. Ongoing maintenance of a system ensures minimal interruptions and disturbances and allows you to continually improve your efficiency. WiseNET® will provide a customized maintenance and support solution for you and your organization specifically designed to cater for your current environment whilst always having your future plans in mind.

Typically WiseNET® will maintain a network for on a 3, 6, 9 or 12 months contract period, providing a proactive approach to ensure network stability & quick & easy support. We also offer several packages as part of our agreement, which allow you to choose from our wide variety of options in order to best fit your company’s needs.

Our Network Services include:

  • 24Online for Billing and Bandwidth Management
  • Designing & implementation of Local Area Network, Wide Area Network & Virtual Private Network
  • Implementation of Wireless LAN (Communicate within your office without cable connections)
  • Remote Access Services (connect to your office Servers from Home)
  • Internet Connection Sharing (one connection to many computers)
  • Proxy & Firewall configuration (maximize your bandwidth & increase speed and security)
  • Designing, Planning, installation & configuration of Active Directory (i.e Centralized management)
  • Troubleshooting & Disaster Recovery
  • Planning, Installation & Configuration of Network Operating systems (Linux, Windows Servers)
  • Implementation of Network Based Help Desk systems
  • Network Security (Design & Implantations)

We also offer Telephony Integration Services such as:

  • Telephony integration to LAN, WAN & VPN to eliminate long distance call charges & save on international calls
  • Telephony access to Microsoft Exchange 2000 (Access & respond to emails, appointments etc from any telephone)
  • Fax integration to existing systems and applications for convenient and cost effective sending and receiving of faxes.
  • Implementation of low cost contact center/help desk with call queuing, and other advanced features
  • Implementation of cost effective IP PBX or Soft-PBX having advanced call handling, faxes, voicemail and other features.
  • Converting and Implementation of low cost Linux Box into Telephone PBX/PABX – integration of telephone network with Computer network.
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