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This is an integrated solution to control your inventory, purchase and Sales. Centralized web-based solution in latest technologies will take your organization to next level.

Functionalities Covered

Option for creating Product Data Bank
Option for creating Supplier Data Bank
Option for entering purchase order and option for taking print outs and sending it as attachment is required
Once material comes in, option to account it by making an entry called Goods receipt Note with the status of the material. Provision is available to calculate the landed cost.
Alerts for payment due date
...and more...
Option for raising Good Receipt Note by giving reference to Purchase order
Option for raising Sales return by giving reference to Invoice Number
Option for converting stock to Sample stock
Option for product dispatches by giving reference to Invoice numbers or Sample requests numbers
Option for transferring material from one ware house to another
...and more...
Option for creating customer Data Bank
Option for raising proforma invoice
Option for accepting customer order
Customer type-wise Rate settings option
...and more...
Option for fixing testing parameters for all the items
Option for COA generation as per QC analysis
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