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ICT Consultancy

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) are playing an increasingly important role in running a successful business today.  By introducing the most suitable solutions a business ensures that it is achieving maximum benefit from its use of ICT. 

We understand that making the right decisions regarding technology is difficult. We provide technical and logical consultancy services to help you make the right decisions based on informed, well-focused and independent analysis. If you have a problem that you believe can be solved by acquiring additional technologies, or if you have been told that you need to upgrade or replace your existing systems for any reason we can help you come to the right decision for you. You may already have taken outside advice or carried out internal studies.

We can help any size or type of organization to make efficient use of ICT by offering impartial advice and focusing on their business needs. ICT Consultancy strives to provide jargon free advice and direction that the customer can understand.

Our Services include:

ICT Reviews: In many cases a company has ICT systems in place but little business benefit is being achieved.   An ICT Review will identify where and how this should change to the advantage of the company and the user.  Our impartial advice will help ensure that you achieve maximum payback on your investment in ICT.

ICT Strategy: It is important to consider the long term use of ICT in your business.  Building on the findings of an ICT Review, ICT Consultancy will take a longer term view of business plans to prepare a long term ICT Strategy with an action plan which is broken into affordable stages of change. This opportunity is also taken to ensure that the ICT Strategy is complimentary to other business strategies concerning issues such as new products, changes to office accommodation and staffing levels for example. 

Project Management: Once the best solution has been identified then it is important that someone takes responsibility for ensuring a smooth introduction.  Most businesses do not have the resources or expertise available to do this. WiseNET® can project and manage the whole process on your behalf.  We can undertake all stages from specifying the required solution & helping select the supplier through to installing and using the new system. You benefit from our experience in this field and it leaves you free to concentrate on your business. We can also support your ICT staff during times of excessive workload such as during the installation of new systems.

Training Section: ICT Consultancy also offers bespoke training on the use of many popular office systems, or on more general subjects such as the Internet, e-business, telecommunications, Broadband and so on.

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