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Data Migration

Data Migration is taking data from a legacy system and moving it to a new system. Often involves data clean-up and improvement in the process.

Application Project have a common critical requirement, Migrating:

  • Application Implementation: From legacy into new application
  • Application Upgrade: From previous to new version
  • Application Instance Consolidation: From multiple instances to fewer instances
  • M&A Integration: From acquired systems
  • Legacy Retirement: From legacy into new systems
  • Outsourcing: From company to outsourcer

Top 5 challenges of data migration

  1. Lack of Migration Expertise
  2. Identifying Source Data
  3. Continuously Moving Target
  4. Meeting Data Validation Thresholds
  5. Revisiting after Initial Migration

Best Practice Migration Methodology

  • Processes to improve efficiency
    • Profiling - diving in and out to catch problems early
    • Development - analysts and developers working in tandem
  • Utilities to accelerate development
    • Templates to generate repetitive mappings
    • Programmatic control for regression processes
  • Best Practices to reduce risk
    • Focus on high-risk areas first for go/no-go decisions
    • Establish audit framework to prove migration
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